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Jain’s Work

Jain Wells, PhD is a transpersonal psychologist, therapist and author of books about personal growth and spiritual awareness, and gong sound healing. For over 20 years she has been teaching transformational practices that enhance emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being.

When we pay attention to and develop these aspects of ourselves we move toward a place of wholeness. When we integrate difficult experiences, and revise old ways of doing things, it shifts our self-perception – and we find wholeness in the connection with our True Self. Life becomes very different when we are able to tap into the depth of our ever-present stillness and expanding consciousness.

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The gong will not magically raise the consciousness of an individual unless he or she wants to become more conscious. In other words, those engaging in unethical behaviour will not heal their wounds with the gong unless they are ready to change their ways. The gong is an enhancement for ‘right action’.

If you’re attracted to buying a gong for healing purposes, you’ve got to use it, and use it regularly. Make the gong sound journey an act of surrender into vulnerability and it will help you shift your energy, heal and elevate your consciousness.

If you are a healing practitioner you can easily combine gong sound healing with your existing healing modalities (yoga, massage, Reiki healing, acupuncture, counselling, fitness training etc.).

My book Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound is a workbook to help people use the gong consciously for healing, self development and raising awareness.

My Gong Consciousness books helps any willing individual learn to buy and use a gong for focused sound healing, and for running a gong bath group. It includes specific research I conducted over two years.

Jain is a transpersonal psychologist, who also has training in a variety of healing modalities and energy-work practices. For over 20 years she has been teaching healing and consciousness seminars, working with individual therapy clients, and training facilitators in her various programmes.

Her meditation book includes her system of transformational practices that enhance emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical well being. While her work in this area continues, in 2015 she began combining her transformational practices with Gong sound-wave healing vibrations — witnessing extremely encouraging results (published in her Gong Consciousness book). This is another component of her healing work for those that have an interest to get a gong for enhancing healing and consciousness. She is releasing another book later this year about multidimensional awareness. Jain also uses music to communicate her ideas (see Store).