The Practices

The Transformative Practices that Jain works with and teaches, refer to specific practices that help to develop and transform individual consciousness.

The practices pertain to healing and wholeness through the development of our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels of being. Well beyond the many aspects of cultural conditioning and the pain that arises out of a disconnection from the Self, we can learn to heal limited self-perception and become masters of Energy and Intention.

When we develop these areas of our lives and transform our personal life and energy, we shift into ever-more profound states of awareness. The Core Practice is Meditation, and deepening one’s own relationship to ever-present awareness and the True Self.

Through meditation practice we transform our perspective on everything… our very reality. From this perspective comes different choices and different motivations. We move from ‘Doing’ to ‘Being’ consciousness as we live our daily lives with mindfulness, attuned to our inner world and in consideration with the lives of others.

Our priorities change, as we dare to set new standards for ourselves, individually and collectively. Through the practices we shape our lives more consciously with clear intention, while we live less of our lives based on acting out old wounds and unconscious patterns of behavior. With a radical shift in consciousness to the infinite field of being, the act of creation and co-creation becomes effortless heart-based manifestation. This is the essence of the work that I do. I’m obviously sharing my journey out of a deep sense of gratitude for the possibilities of human evolution, and from my own freedom of being.


Her book Meditation: The Incredible Gateway to an Abundant Life includes detailed information about meditation practice and its various forms, styles and effects on consciousness and self-development; and is also a ‘workbook’ that includes emotional and psychological healing practices as well — to help facilitate a shift in consciousness.

While the Gong sound wave vibrations induce a meditative state and open an individual into a heightened state of receptivity, its healing benefits are numerous across these various levels, including cellular and quantum change.

Noticeable changes are experienced in one session, and with continued use create transformation of one’s entire energy field and self-perception… when used consciously. Through the consciousness Practices, the Gong and its own expansive energetic influence is magnified. Hence, Gong Consciousness.

Emotional Level

Jain teaches a variety of techniques and processes to help individuals shift difficult emotional states and to heal deep wounds. By learning these techniques individuals are empowered to take command of their own ongoing transformation, whenever any difficult emotions arises; leading to less reactivity and sustained inner peace. With a gong, this emotional clearing is accelerated in an effortless way, and produces noticeable change in one session particularly if the gonging is executed while the emotional pain is actively being experienced.

Psychological Level

Mindfulness and Meditation practices support the emotional work to enhance the integration of old wounds, and to develop higher awareness, self esteem and an expanded self-perception. The gong alleviates stress and mental tension, though as mentioned above it induces a meditative state (slows brainwave frequency), offering many people the opportunity to experience deep states of awareness, who were perhaps unsuccessful in being able to learn to meditate on their own. There is extensive research on the benefits of meditation – and the gong offers this as well. It primes body-mind for limitless healing potential and expansion.

Physical Level

Wholefoods, plant-based nutrition helps to raise one’s vibration frequency, while physical exercise and fasting help to cleanse the body of toxins. Beyond applying these elements of physical well being into one’s life, and tending emotional issues that may be related to physical symptoms and ailments, the Gong brings much surprising change at this level. An immediate and significant reduction in pain and inflammation is one such kind of positive change (see Gong section).

Spiritual Level

The personal work on Self and meditation practice expands spiritual development and self-awareness. The gong itself is a spiritual healing tool and has been regarded as such for thousands of years. It possesses a multidimensional capacity as sound and vibration is the substance of creation. Using it consciously is key. Anyone interested in the language of energy will appreciate the Gong as a powerful instrument of change.