The Power Of Silence

by Dr. Jain Wells

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To some people ‘the power of silence’ is a non-existent concept, meaning that it is not singled out in any way as being an important or necessary part of daily life and existence. Unless an individual comes into an understanding of the importance of silence and ‘quiet mind’ they will be ruled by ‘busy life’ and ‘busy mind’. Those who spend regular time in nature absolutely know the power of silence, and actively seek it through their relationship with nature… I am one of those people. I feel nourished and ready for the world when I have fulfilled my own necessity for stillness and silence through the all-encompassing power of nature and through my meditation practice.

What is the power of silence about?

When we can still the mind and be present and in-the-moment in a sustained way we make an important switch in our mind-body reference that allows us to experience the infinite nature of our being beyond the confines of our physical body. What that means is that we connect with our spiritual existence and the infinite expression of pure consciousness – the peaceful and expansive nature of who we are on an energy level. Ego Self expression is associated with a wide range of inner states of disturbance and disconnection. Our Authentic Self nature is the expression of peace and love. We cultivate our authentic state of being through meditation. Meditation practice specifically focuses on slowing down mental activity to sustain present moment awareness – which also corresponds to slowing down brainwave activity and accelerating healing in the body. Through the perspective of direct experience and the scientific perspective of measuring the change in one’s brainwave states we come to understand more deeply the power of silence in ‘meditative mind’.

This isn’t just about relaxation, it is a profound state of inner calm where the weight of the world is released and the expansive power of our own presence is experienced. The mind and body go into accelerated healing mode when we do this. We feel better. We notice things about ourselves that we didn’t see before and form new perceptions that lead to more conscious choices. This is what it means to transform.

There are volumes of research online about the positive effects of meditation. It is a particular state of mind as well that enhances positive change in the human being when practiced regularly. This state includes feeling more relaxed and open by minimizing anxiety, depression and stress. When we make time to practice each day, the meditation begins to transform our perceptions and how we feel. Simply put, silence and mental stillness is healing, and anyone and everyone can benefit from slowing down to allow the body and mind to heal itself in order to keep going, enjoy life and be more productive.

Take your understanding of the power of silence and meditate every day, working up to a minimum of 20-30 minutes, and make a plan to spend time in nature regularly where you can sit, walk and just “be”.

Meditation Exercise

Sit down with your spine straight yet relaxed, hands in your lap or by your side, close your eyes, and begin by taking long slow deep breaths of air in and out through your nose. Gently push and pull the breath and feel the oxygen fill your body and still the mind. Create a steady rhythm with your breathing… perhaps 5 seconds in and out, or whatever feels comfortable. When thoughts of the past and future come to mind, simply acknowledge them and let them go, returning your awareness to your breathing. Set your phone alarm to 20 minutes so that you can meditate freely and track your time. You can also use my meditation CD Luminosity One on my website which uses sound frequency to slow down your brainwaves to aid in helping you achieve deep states of meditative awareness.

End Note: The reason I integrated the gong into my meditation classes is because the unique range of sound frequencies that it emits take any individual into a deep state of meditative awareness. The multi-layered vibrations literally re-balance the body when it is exposed to the vibrations for a certain length of time. That is why meditating your way into a gong session deepens your process.

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