The Global Gong Community – March, 2020.

by Dr. Jain Wells

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After over five years of playing the gong for my work and personal well being, I have become part of a rapidly expanding global gong community. Some of my closest personal friends also do sound healing work. It’s wonderful to share the joy of playing the gong as we all get excited by gongs and pretty much everything about them. For those who are new to sound healing and the gong here are some things about the growing gong community that you are now a part of.

There are a group of individuals, mostly in their 60s, 70s and 80s, that have been promoting and sharing the gong for the last 20-40 years; as gong-makers, gong trainers, and through developments in gong sound healing. These individuals have helped shape the evolution of the gong and gong playing over the last several decades. I want to acknowledge some of these individuals and their long-standing service: Don Conreaux, Christopher Tree, Hans Cousto, Mitch Nur, Donna Carey, Nancy Crowell, Tomas Paiste, Jens Zygar, Karen Stockpole, Michael Bettine, Walter Meyer, Rolf Nitsch, Johannes Heimrath, Methab Benton, Olli Hess, Aidan McIntyre, Broder Oetken, Sheila Whittaker, Surana, Mike Tamburo, Yin Xiong, and Philip McNamara (Walter and Donna in absentia).

Many of these individuals gathered recently in Connecticut, USA (July, 2019) for the First annual five-day Gong Summit: Gong Culture and Craft, organized by Mitch Nur. This was organized to present their knowledge and to discuss the development and direction of the Gong in terms of its many facets – practical aspects to help standardize how the gong can be effectively used and shared, given the growing demand for gongs.

This is an important milestone I feel that can accelerate the gong’s growth into more hands – and to be used consciously. The gong, as I’ve mentioned, is also associated with Kundalini Yoga as Yogi Bhajan brought the gong to the west through this style of yoga in the early 70s. Many of his original students are part of this older generation of gong trainers as well (including Don and Methab, and others that I’ve met on my travels). Another interest of mine is to promote the gong to be used with other styles of yoga. This is exciting too as all styles of yoga and the gong are a hugely transformative combination.

There are also lots of musicians and spiritually-oriented individuals who guide group sessions using the gong and other sound instruments. This is an amazing way to experience the gong as there is a lot of sacred energy around it, as within the yoga community. This approach brings communities together.

A new breed of gong players is emerging that excites me a lot. I work with many young sound healers in their 20s and 30s, and teach them how to effectively use the gong for focused healing work. Many of these healing practitioners use other healing modalities such as Reiki, massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and other forms of energy healing. This kind of background training helps them to easily slip into using the gong for focused healing work as they understand the healing process, and are also typically engaged in their own ongoing healing and awareness.

Another exciting development is through self-healing in the home. I am working with individuals to help set up a gong in the home for self-healing and healing within the family.

This group could potentially become very significant as more gong success stories filter into the mainstream; how specific ailments and conditions are being treated with gong sound therapy. This is my personal mission with the gong to ground solid research in this area so that we can apply more holistic methods for healing, and help people to heal themselves. Of course, I also promote gong sound healing for opioid withdrawal for both those addicted and for family members.

Another personal interest is promoting gong sound healing to help treat cancer because of my daughterʼs amazing results, and because I lost my mother to cancer when I was young. I am currently sourcing a handful of individuals for further research in this area. This includes various forms of cancer, with cancerous tumors specifically, that are measurable.

If there are any individuals who would be willing to buy and use a gong for daily treatments, I am available to fully support your ongoing process at no cost to you (except for the gong) – in the name of securing more grounded research in the field of gong sound healing. I am sourcing up to 6-8 people in this process. It is very easy to do with little instruction, provided you are prepared to do daily sessions of at least one hour per day. This involves either self-gonging or having a family member or friend do the gonging. Please contact me at and please put “Cancer Research” in the subject line.

This is an excerpt from my recently updated edition of Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound.

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