The Enemy Within

by Dr. Jain Wells

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All of the darkness in the world and terrible acts of prejudice, cruelty, devious behaviour, ruthlessness and war is simply the unconscious mind running wild within the individual that is participating in it. It is NOT CONSCIOUSLY DRIVEN. Every human being’s true nature is Acceptance, Love and Peace.

Imagine growing up and witnessing horrific events, with bloodshed, destruction and no love or support system. It can easily perpetuate hatred, and hatred is simply misguided awareness.

There is only one enemy and that is the enemy within.

If the deep wounds are not addressed and healed, they build up. And as Jung says, the less acknowledged and embodied the shadow, “the blacker and denser it gets”. That translates to more cruel and inhumane acts of aggression. When you experience anger, resentment, hatred, or jealousy in others, you can also observe that they are ready to tear down and destroy someone else or a group that they perceive to have caused their pain, instead of taking ownership and calling the projection back in.

It’s a terrible way to live when it has become unbearable to look within at these lesser attractive expressions of being human because that’s all they see. Somewhere they may have compared themselves to someone who must be better than they are, because they feel rejected. And, they have been rejected — by themselves. They gave up. As Marion Woodman aptly says, wholeness is about “Loving our crooked neighbour, with our own crooked heart.” The whole spectrum or range of human possibilities exists in each of us. Instead of getting acknowledged, the psyche gets split and crystalizes.

Animals are at the effect of human disconnection too. So many millions of animals are tortured and slaughtered every year. They have feelings too—love, fear, and care for their young, as we do. The cold and unfeeling acts of treachery directed to other people and living creatures, that have just as much right to be here as we do, is shocking and completely unnecessary. This coldness of feeling is merely a disconnection with the Authentic Self.

The people in war-zones and post-war zones need healing more than anything. The migrants that are being re-distributed in more developed countries should be going through healing programmes to help free them from their fears and projections. The perpetrators are not inherently evil. There is no evil except in the consciousness of one who has not integrated the shadow. We are our own worst enemy. The police reported that the 1200 women who were attacked and sexually assaulted in Germany on New Year’s Eve, 2015-2016 (mainly in Cologne) were primarily migrants (with only a few exceptions); with an estimate that at least 2000 men were involved, acting in groups. This would not have happened if there were healing and shadow integration programmes put in place before bringing them in. It should be a requirement.

When we heal our deepest wounds, the capacity for empathy returns.

Telling them that their values aren’t in line with the current environment; that’s just a concept. The men that ganged up on those women, and literally tortured and degraded them, may likely never experience the sweetness of true love and tenderness with a woman because they have already deemed themselves unworthy of it. How sad is that? You can see that self-loathing projected out on to the women who feel equally unworthy of having love either, (or they would not be attracting it). The two sides play a perfect marriage of self-denial. Everyone does this—just to lesser or greater degrees. It could be an easy choice. It’s love that really feeds us because it is what we are.

With a little understanding, we can shift the energy, and own the projections (having an ego isn’t so bad when it’s ‘tied to the tree’, as they say in Buddhism). Add a little self-forgiveness and self-compassion and we have a new world and way of being with each other. I think every human being wants to say ‘yes’ to those higher attributes we possess at the very core of our being. To love and be loved is precious. It’s much sweeter and more meaningful than hurting each other. We create life as we choose, whether we do this consciously or unconsciously. Any act with a lack of empathy reflects an inner disconnection with the Authentic Self.

We can have compassion for the inner terror that is really going on within them.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Jesus

by Jain Wells PHD

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