Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound.

by Dr. Jain Wells

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Preface from my new book

For the last 20 years, I have been actively pursuing healing and consciousness as a way of life through various practices that stimulate personal growth and spiritual awareness—and doing the same with others for the last 18 years. Since I was first introduced to gong sound healing in 2015, I experienced some surprising occurrences of change and regeneration that caught my attention. I integrated it easily into my work and am so impressed by it.

It can be used to bring incredible change to the life of any individual who surrenders to the process and agrees to heal. We heal our way into wholeness where the experience of fragmentation is dissolved and integrated.

This book contains the things that the gong showed me when I started to put it to the test in over two years of preliminary research—observing positive changes in myself and those I worked with. I gonged participants in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and Malta. I worked with larger groups, individual research participants, gonging in the workplace, and one-to-one training. The research participants had a range of ailments: physical, psychological, and emotional. Much of this research also involved unusual circumstances that I found myself in. I observed surprising changes pertaining to my 22-year-old daughter, who had some serious health issues at the time.

It was through her that the gong became real and significant for me, and life-changing for both of us. As a transpersonal psychologist, teacher and healing practitioner I was astounded at the power of the gong sound wave vibrations and how they appear to effect change at every level of one’s being—emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It is an energy tool and we are energetic beings. Even in one session, significant change can take place. If this becomes a regular part of an individual’s life, it can rapidly enhance one’s health, sense of well-being and consciousness. This involves exposure to its healing sound frequencies for a typical 45-minute to an hour-long treatment, sitting or lying next to it within range of its vibrations. Do this, two or three times a week, and radical transformation in consciousness can take place—if one has a high degree of openness and willingness to look inside.

Supporting others to gong in the home and workplace is the main objective of this book. A person can read this book and feel a high degree of confidence to buy a gong—the right gong—and to be able to set it up in its stand, buy a couple of suitable mallets, and begin a healing journey. This book can serve as a guide to consciously engage in the process. Conscious intention, an openness to be vulnerable, and the gong sound vibrations offer the potential for positive change. This book can help you navigate and accelerate your self-gonging process greatly if you apply the exercises. It’s a fun way to work with it, when you start working with it consciously. It responds.

by Jain Wells PHD
January 7th, 2018 St. Julian’s, Malta

Please also see on my YouTube channel ‘Jain Wells’ my AWAKEN Series Videos that explain how to combine Awareness Practices with the GONG sound healing vibrations for accelerating healing and consciousness.

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