How Meditation is Transforming the Corporate World

by Dr. Jain Wells

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Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more prevalent in the corporate world simply because they have proven to significantly combat stress and enhance individual well-being and productivity.

Meditation in the Corporate World

Corporations such as Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Ford, Target, Adobe, General Mills and Goldman Sachs have all embraced mindfulness training for its overall boost to the bottom line. In fact, Aetna reports that since introducing its mindfulness program it has saved $2000. per employee in health care costs, and gained about $3000. per employee in productivity.

The catch is that regular ongoing practice is necessary, whether you are in a corporate setting in the corporate world or not. Meditation and mindfulness practices need to become an established habit in a person’s life in order to create ongoing transformation. With steady practice meditation has an immediate impact on how you feel and in the choices that you make. It brings heightened awareness to everything that you do and effects all levels of being — psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual. Learning how to meditate takes a little practice, though once you get how to do it, it becomes an easy and effortless path to deep states of relaxation and awareness.

Meditation fosters team building and relieves stress

Stress and burnout are pressing workplace issues in the corporate world that can be addressed and shifted with the right approach. One of the unique benefits of implementing meditation & mindfulness practices within a corporate environment is the collective power of the group to engage in mindfulness practices together as it permeates and heightens the consciousness of the group and is a natural team building activity. Mindfulness accentuates the importance of ‘present moment awareness’ which is fundamental when learning how to meditate — how to consciously focus your attention with all senses on what is happening right now, and without judgement. It is about gaining command over your mind and emotions, freeing yourself from the debilitating effects of work stress, and opening a new channel of expression that is creative, spontaneous, and alive. There are also easy steps to implement and integrate corporate practices over time.

Meditation Techniques

Those who have never been introduced to the concepts and practices surrounding meditation and mindfulness are not aware of how non-focused their minds are – thinking incessantly about the past and the future or unconsciously perpetuating emotional dramas, never letting their minds rest to experience true inner peace. The psychological shift involves accepting responsibility for the state of your own experience and using the practices of mindfulness and meditation to engage in the cause and effect of each thought and action. Meditation practice helps to anchor the state of mindfulness more than any other practice as it has a significant impact your energy and how you feel. Essentially, meditation is about learning to quiet the activity of the mind for a sustained length of time in each sitting and cultivating a deep state of relaxation which has an accumulative impact on your energy and brainwave states.

Corporate Mindfulness in the Workplace

When it comes to meditation and mindfulness, there is a huge body of peer-reviewed research, available online that verifies the many benefits of meditation… how it reduces anxiety, depression, lowers blood pressure and increases relaxation etc. It is from this place of inner calm that an attitude of mindfulness comes into play and this is why mindfulness training is now being embraced by organizations of all sizes and types, not just larger corporations. While mindfulness exercises significantly enhance individual awareness and productivity, the deeper and more lasting change is grounded in actual meditation practice. With a minimum of 20 minutes a day, one’s mind and energy are transformed.

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