Gong Meditation Power On The Rise

by Dr. Jain Wells

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The healing sound of a gong

As a singer and musician I have always been interested in how music and sound affect mood, altered states and healing. Last year I began attending and researching gong sound meditation sessions in London, Los Angeles and Vancouver because of the way I felt during and after the sessions. The multi-layered gong vibrations create ‘feeling tones’ that directly impact the parasympathetic nervous system and promote healing. The gong vibrations can be tangibly felt and experienced by every cell in the body and after a certain period of time in the session it also slows down one’s brainwave frequency – associated with deep states of meditation and accelerated healing. It’s perfect for alleviating stress and emotional disturbances.

The gong, known to be the oldest instrument, dates back to China and the Bronze Age, and spread to Southeast Asia. It was used in ceremonies to mark auspicious events, to communicate at long distances, and for sound healing. Today, the gong and sound healing in general is becoming more popular. A typical ‘gong sound bath’ or ‘gong meditation’ takes place in a yoga studio or open floor space where participants lie on a yoga mat with a blanket and close their eyes to experience the sound waves. The gong vibrations make a sound like rolling thunder and have different tones according to how each one is manufactured and how it is played. It is my feeling that it will soon become commonplace for people to have a gong at the office and at home because the healing benefits are felt so clearly and tangibly. Imagine getting your office staff together for a gong before they start the day or a few days a week – allowing people to release their stress and feel calm and relaxed as they move into their work day… or gathering up the kids and having a family gonging to clear grievances.

Gong Meditation Experience

Jarrod Mayer, 34, leads gong meditation sessions in Brooklyn, New York
“What I do is hold space for people by holding meditative mind. People need healing in some way or another, whether they know it or not. The ability for people to take time for their selves and come and lay down for an hour creates a shift. We create the space and the body heals itself – of emotional and physical pain. It just works – the sound goes where it needs to go.” Here is what two of Jarrod’s regular participants had to say about their gong meditation session experiences.

Fran Gangitano, 50

“My first experience with a gong sound meditation was profound. The sound went to the parts of my body that had pain and soothed it. I felt tension releasing and the vibrations were undulating though me. However, my second session was the one that convinced me that it was way more than that because I felt my body shift its form. I was hooked. I now attend sessions regularly. It changes me, and my perceptions. I reach a high level of “synthesis” where creativity and ideas come to me. It calms me very deeply so that afterward my actions spontaneously come without struggle. I leave a gong bath without fear, attachment, or judgment, etc., I can just “be.”

Megan Poe

Megan has attended numerous gong meditation sessions. “I think people are becoming more aware of how gong and sound healing work to create a meditative state of mind, and for me, I find it activates my imagination and allows me to envision things intentionally in my life, to be receptive to what is being offered, and to let go when I need to. The gong energy gives me a tune up on all levels. Sound has the ability to shift spaces at a vibrational level, and physically the sound is also beautiful and enjoyable to listen to.”

Reduce stress through Gong Meditation

There are gong players that lead gong meditation sound sessions all over the world. Just google ‘gong sound bath’ or ‘gong meditation’ in your area or the next time you are travelling and explore this amazing sound experience for shifting your energy in a positive way to promote a feeling of well being. If you know others who are struggling emotionally, urge them to attend a gong meditation session to help them heal and experience some real relief.

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