Gong Healing

I have been engaged full-time since mid-2015 in gong therapy and gong sound healing research. My method of working with the gong involves combining gong sound healing with the transformational practices that I have been teaching for over 20 years.

The gong-playing component of gong sound healing requires very little instruction, provided you have a suitable gong and mallet for healing. You simply activate the sound current and create a steady stream of gong sound waves to bathe in for the session (anywhere from 20 minutes to a full treatment of 45 minute to an hour).

With regard to gong sound healing I recommend that practitioners guiding others for focused healing in a clinical context be fully engaged in their own ongoing healing process, so that they are in a place of consciousness to effectively and safely guide others. Enhanced consciousness as well as having some training in energy work (Reiki, Shamanic healing etc.) are also key aspects for obtaining results with the gong. Conscious awareness + the gong = the best results. Another aspect involves obtaining some sort of certification to allow you to work with clients in a healing context. There are accredited schools that can offer you this training, however, if you are already an experienced energy healing practitioner using other modalities, you can buy a gong and get up and running with it, without formal training, if you feel confident. If you are engaging in self-gonging in the home, you can work with the practices outlined in my Gong book to help you get results.

Gong Sound Healing is an entirely different discipline to Gong Mastery Training, with a different intention and approach. Gong mastery is about learning to play the gong well for presenting to others for their enjoyment in a concert/performance or informal gongbath with a group, for example. In gong mastery training you learn to work with different types of gongs, blending them together, using a range of different types of mallets and strokes for a wide range of effects. The fastest way to accelerate in this would be to attend training. There are beginner and advanced levels available.

The healing results I have witnessed in my ongoing gong sound healing research is remarkable. Through my books and YouTube videos I am trying to help others use the gong consciously for rapid transformation and healing. What is most exciting to me is the potential for regular individuals to buy a gong for self-healing at home, and with the family — in addition to working with healing practitioners.

*Gongs made of alpaca or ‘German silver’ are very resonant, and excellent for healing OR the less expensive Chau gong. Recommended size: 28″ and up, with 32″ or larger offering greater ease of playing, particularly if you are a healing practitioner and working with others as part of your business.

My Research:

My book Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound can help any willing individual buy and use a gong for healing in the home, the workplace environment, and for healing practitioners using other modalities.

Here are some of the issues treated with gong sound healing in the research section of my book: anxiety, depression, a range of emotional issues, eating disorder, ovarian cysts and tumour, fibro-fatty nodules, lumps from varicose veins, addictions, stress, sciatica, carpal tunnel, insomnia, physical pain, injury and inflammation, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, hearing and eyesight problems, and more.

Obviously in my work as a therapist over many years, my emphasis has been helping people with emotional and psychological issues, and spiritual awareness. What was most interesting with my gong research was the physical changes I observed. The gong sound wave infusion into the body is physical because sound waves are physical and also effect cellular change.

Here are some examples:

With 4 months of daily gonging (1-2 hours) a host of ovarian cysts were re-absorbed back into the body.

After 7 months of daily gonging (1-2 hours) the ovarian tumour broke apart and was released.

After 10 weeks of gonging (4 x a week of 45 minutes) some painful fibro-fatty nodules in the lower back were dissolved.

After a near-fatal blood infection, one 45 minute session instantly brought down the inflammation so the individual could feel her limbs again that had gone numb.

Those who have their own gong have reported surprising results and pain relief for tinnitus, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel with regular use. Consistency with daily sessions yields the best results for chronic problems.

I’m pleased to witness that the release of my Gong book and the search results I obtained is encouraging more people to do focused healing work with the gong.

My work has involved facilitating positive change at the emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of human expression. Being witness to what the gong can also do at the physical level is astounding to me, as I immediately see how it puts so much healing potential into the hands of any willing individual who might want to get one for self-healing at home.


My book Gong Consciousness: Self-healing Through the Power of Sound includes this research and how I use the transformational practices with the gong for personal growth and healing. The book can help get anyone with no prior knowledge of healing get up and running with a gong in the home, workplace or in a clinical healing environment, and get results with it.

The book is also available in Spanish and will soon be translated into Italian and Chinese.

The Ancient Gong

It is believed that the gong has been around for several thousand years. It originated in China and spread throughout Southeast Asia. It was used to communicate at great distances, was acknowledged for its natural healing powers, and has been used as a ceremonial tool to mark auspicious occasions. Today, it’s emphasis is around gong sound healing, gong with yoga and bodywork practices, and gong performance/concerts.

It is said that the most skilled gong-makers must study and practice the art of gong-making as an apprentice for 5-10 years to learn the precision required to make a high-quality gong sound instrument. The process is very exact and each gong is literally hammered into existence. This level of craftsmanship is most notably centred in Germany where most of the world’s well known gong-makers are based.

For healing purposes, I recommend a gong no less than 28”. However, at 32” or larger, the gong becomes much more powerful and easier to play – for those who are serious about gong sound healing in the home, workplace and for healing practitioners. For focused gong sound healing therapy I recommend gongs from the Planetary Series and other tuned gongs, as well as Symphonic Gongs, Sound Creation Gongs (all of these made from an alloy known as alpaca silver), and the less expensive Chau Gong (made with an alloy of cast bronze, copper, and iron).

Gong-maker and sound healing practitioner from Uruguay, Gustavo Martinez, was kind enough to allow me to use some of his beautiful art/healing gongs on this website. He became interested in sound healing to help his son, who has autism. Gustavo has been working with metal for many years and was drawn to applying his expertise, and study of art and design, to making high-quality gongs. As an artist he was drawn to working with alpaca silver as well as iron for crafting gongs that look and sound beautiful.

My introduction to sound healing began with Tibetan bowls, then I discovered the gongs and their unique healing properties. In my country Uruguay at the time, the gongs were not readily available, and were quite expensive to buy and import. My knowledge of metals and creative spirit led me to make gongs that are beautiful to look at and pleasing to experience. Today I make gongs with four types of metals, with different techniques.

Gustavo Martinez