Gong Movie Documentary

We All Just Need To Gong

-- Co-producers renowned Gong Mastery trainer Jens Zygar & Film Producer / Director John Pritchard

The We All Need To Gong movie documentary was created for the purpose of making the gong known to the public and within various sectors of the health and well-being industry (both alternative and allopathic) -- to share the unique and powerful benefits of gong sound healing. Gongs were first made thousands of years ago though in the last 25 years have increased in popularity mainly through social media. The gong is now commonly known as a non-invasive healing tool for treating a wide range of specific health ailments -- emotional, psychological, physical and transcendent in nature.

It was an honor to be invited by Jens and John to contribute to this most important gong documentary film project to support gong sound healing and making it more well-known within the alternative and allopathic health industries. Thank you again, Jain Wells, PhD.

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The gong can be used for focused healing work by any willing individual for self-gonging in the home and for gonging friends and family members, as well as for unwell relatives, neighbors and their children. Gong sound healing sessions are also commonly offered to the public (often in yoga studios, community centers, family homes, (outside in nature though obviously not as effective as the sound frequencies are dispersed) and more often in fitness / weight training clubs etc.); or combined with other healing modalities in an Integrative Gong Healing context including and in conjunction with:

Various therapies and practices such as massage, all styles of yoga, during hypnotherapy sessions and counselling sessions, in conjunction with acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and physiotherapy along with fitness / athletic training for rapid injury-recovery etc. It is also commonly used with various energy healing modalities including Reiki and quantum healing, crystal / aroma-frequency healing, and in virtually any type of healing clinic or environment, including: hospitals and emergency rooms; dental offices; as well other similar clinical environments where the gong may accelerate healing and potentially replace the need for pain medication. It is also well-suited to support palliative care / hospice and in elderly care homes, and children's care homes etc.

As an example: * The gong is being used in opioid detox centers as the painful withdrawal symptoms are either mostly (or completely) alleviated while the gong is being played. The gong has also been combined in an Integrated Healing Context along with Ibogaine plant medicine which has a similar effect on alleviating pain – helping reset the brain receptors associated with pain.

For more information about Ibogaine and all other gong sound healing information I’ve written on this page below the Gong Movie text and link, please see my updated Second Edition Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through The Power of Sound book available on Amazon at a discounted price through September, 2023 only, before being returned to its original pricing. This is my way of thanking my supporters and previous buyers of the book – as I want to make important updates relating to my ongoing gong sound healing research available, along with some partial research of other gong sound healing practitioners, in addition to providing important updated research protocols and practices that enhance gong sound healing results significantly.

Gongs can also be DONATED and SHARED with local community organizations - and offered free-of-charge or by donation-only through existing Gong Players in their local communities, with any type of community organization -- community centres, youth groups (Guides/Scouts/Brownies etc), at public and private children's schools, YMCA centers, at Rotary groups, homeless shelters and food banks, women's and men's shelters, transition and drug recovery centers, and at prisons and rehabilitation centers, and animal rescue shelters etc. These organizations are in need healing support.

Please watch and share, and get involved if you have a Gong to Donate to a charity of your choice in your area; perhaps managed by someone trustworthy and shared with different groups OR if you Have a Gong and are willing to offer your time -- when and where needed at organizations in dire need of healing around where you live. Please get involved and team up with other fellow gong players in your area, and please encourage any gong players you know to get involved with local groups through social media. We All Need to Gong

Chau gongs are well-suited for donation to public organizations as they aren't as easily damaged like the softer nickel silver alloy gongs, that easily get damaged if dropped or by oxidization after being touched with moist fingers or minimal water exposure. Maybe local Rotary groups and philanthropists you know of would purchase the less expensive Chau gong to donate to your community if you present a proposal, or set-up a GoFundMe account in your neighborhood to purchase a Chau gong. It could work with your know-how as a gong player. See my book Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through The Power of Sound (Second Edition) for all you need to source, buy, set up and use a gong for healing, and see page 138 for presenting convincing proposals to organizations (in Chapter 5: Gonging at Home and The Workplace.