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Private Sessions & Training

To book a session with Jain, please choose the length of session you would like and make your purchase (discounts are provided after your first booking with longer term requirements).

45 minutes at US $70

80 minutes at US $111

Please fill in the form below with your details and any related subjects you want to discuss including: confidential emotional and intuitive counseling to shift challenging issues; support with your daily practices routine along with my free-to-the-public online Awareness, Healing, Body Conscious & Consciousness video course (see my website Teaching Videos / Youtube or Rumble pages - all videos are specifically numbered) OR any gong-related support required - including sourcing and buying a high-quality gong for dedicated healing work as well as how to set it up in any healing environment for self-gonging, gonging clients and / or gonging groups in a clinical context -- and how to work with it for optimal healing results; as well as how to set up and run professional gong sound healing sessions for public groups. Please email me through the Connect contact page of this website if you require clarification (before booking) as no refunds are provided, though they are transferable to someone else, claimed at any time in the future, or can be re-scheduled once only if you miss a set appointment by mistake or don't notify me on the same day at least. Respectfully, Jain