Private Sessions, Gong Training and Courses

Private Sessions and Training

Jain offers online: individual emotional counseling sessions for individuals, couples and families -- including counseling support for grief, loss of loved ones and those who may be suffering from terminal illness themselves as well as individuals who may be experiencing a phenomena known as 'hearing voices' which has become quite prevalent. Discounts are available for those less fortunate where applicable and when pre-arranged.

Gong-related support is available for those want to offer clinical gong healing sessions to private clients (or to combine with existing modalities) as well as small clinical healing groups -- for private healing clinics including those for pain management and injury-recovery, hospitals, addiction and drug-recovery centers, prisons, older age care homes and palliative care.

Individuals who are interested in self-gonging and family gonging, or running gong healing sessions for the public, for gong set-up / presentation and healing guidance, can also make a booking.

$60 (gong and accessories sourcing)

$165 70 minute counseling session or individual gong training (or each module 1-12)

$250 (group gong introduction and preparation session)

$500 (Group Training - Therapeutic Gong Sound Healing / Training Modules 2-7 & Other Group Gong Training (non clinical).


* This includes specialized use of the gong within a clinical setting.

* Live training also possible.

payment in US dollars

If you have any questions prior to booking a session please go to the Connect contact page on this website. Any sessions unclaimed at the time of booking may be deferred to a future date (previously agreed upon) or transferred to another person.