The Effects of Hearsay

Jain Wells

Heresay is a term that references information shared that is non-verifiable. This means that the person sharing information cannot corroborate the content or verify it’s validity. This can be troublesome as unverifiable information which is quite often shared as fact sends a ripple effect out that bounces off others who in turn add their limited perspective and off it goes - a wave of compounded untruth. A waste of precious time, energy and mental space which could have otherwise been engaged in something useful and meaningful. Great destruction comes from non-verifiable content shared as gossip.

Heresay is most often shared as if it is real and well founded in reality. Quite often it may come about from hearing partial truths that are manipulated to seem like they are well founded. When manipulation enters the equation a nefarious element is present. Gossip is a form of heresay often used to cause harm.

As of late I have heard substantial information feedback from others known well about outlandish content that is unverifiable to those offering comment. In a community of like - minded people gossip can deteriorate relationships. If hearsay is believed it creates a stop-gap for anything productive to come about. It stifles growth and ingenuity. It renders potentially positive interactions into negative experiences. Anyone sharing contentious information about me or anyone has already emptied their own cup of rejuvenation.

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