The Continuing Spiral of Self-Transformation

Dr. Jain Wells

Consciousness is ever-changing. I recognize this in myself as I continue to engage in the healing and consciousness practices that I teach. Even after over twenty years of teaching them and applying them in my own life, they continue to deepen in my understanding. That’s the beauty of practices—you effortlessly become them and they continue to refine your energy in subtle ways. A ‘practice’ becomes a habit and is integrated as a perspective and way of living.

Every individual has a specific trajectory of life-themes that are unique to his or her life. The more aware you are of yourself, these recurring themes become more obvious and more pertinent over time; particularly as you seek to change the outcomes you are creating that you don’t like. When you start to notice these themes and your own patterns of response, this is always a moment of awakening: a moment of recognition. The awakening process is never-ending throughout one’s life cycle, as elements that were once ‘unconscious’ become conscious. We acknowledge things about ourselves that we didn’t see before. If you are actively engaged in becoming a ‘whole’ and integrated person through sincere work-on-self, and living more consciously, you readily take action and make different choices. For many, moments of recognition are easily buried away and dismissed when they aren’t willing and ready to act on them. This perpetuates misery and a life of constant confrontation.

‘Returning cycles’ circle around again and again providing opportunities for us to make different choices and align with our highest expressions. Every individual continues to clear ‘shadow’ elements all the way to enlightened consciousness.

The consciousness journey is a humbling one as it involves examination of the parts of ourselves that we don’t like or want to acknowledge, or want others to see. Whether we like it or not, change is forced upon us as our unique personal and collective cycles develop – raising the stakes and calling for positive change, often for our very survival; as conditions are now on earth. As we shift out of our deepest wounds, a new and more accurate self-perception is birthed – in addition to healing for the purpose of living a more expansive, peaceful and productive life.

I’ve always believed in empowering others to make change for themselves – through practices that allow people to actively take their development into their own hands. We need this kind of proactive approach in intense times because of the speed at which things are changing, and because any willing individual is capable of learning to practice them. Unfortunately, most people prefer to hide as they are not even aware of their ability to transform. Entire cultures on our planet are caught in destructive ways of living where daily abuse and treachery have become the norm.

A new era is being birthed. We are reaching a peak of cosmic activity known as ‘the ascension’ or ‘great awakening’ of humanity. Large-scale change is transforming how we do things, and testing our fortitude. Making choices that serve our highest potential both personally and collectively is a key part of how we are ascending in consciousness. Powerful cosmic energies are supporting this transformation. Dying ought not to be a concern, as life is short and death is an inevitable part of the human cycle.

On the journey of consciousness, truthfulness is our highest calling and expression.

A significant percentage of the population, and the earth itself, are ascending into fifth dimensional consciousness (and beyond). Imagine a new earth that is devoid of negativity, greed, competition and violence – a new earth that is grounded in the energy of love, sharing resources, and working together in the spirit of true community with perpetuating life itself as its focus…thriving, healthy, expanding human potentials above the destructive element that has plagued the earth for many thousands of years. Just imagine.

Serious life challenges ultimately deliver you to new ground, if you pay attention and take action towards higher values. This is a time to clear karmic cycles, and to appreciate your ‘dance’ with them, with greater clarity and understanding. With these endings are new beginnings and perspectives you perhaps did not imagine. Some things that used to be important are no longer, while other aspects may gain greater relevancy to who you have become.

On a personal note, I have taken leave of many of the social media platforms I used to use, and have discovered new ones that are more in alignment with the conscious community I am associated with. Most of this work will be reflected in my ongoing videos on my website around various aspects of consciousness. The video section is threefold: Awareness Practices; Integrated Gong Healing, and Physical Health and Well-Being (the latter, an area of interest that I feel many overlook and neglect on the path to raising consciousness).

These are exciting times, and rough times. The polarities of change, by design, come with great challenge, reward and great consequence. Holding true to higher values is what is important as you traverse into new realities.

I am looking forward to this new cycle and supporting those who care to take the conscious path of accelerated change, that is now possible within these heightened cosmic vibrations of our time. Some will spiral up and some will spiral down into destruction. Waking up in the morning and caring about how you live and treat yourself and others is of great importance. The winds of change are unforgiving in these intense times. You create the reality you live in, and every choice has instant ramifications within this acceleration. Everything you think, say, and do, matters.

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