A Serious Health Issue Pertaining to Vaccination Shedding – The AF Protocol

Dr. Jain Wells

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I went through some serious health experiences recently that need to be shared as I feel it is relevant to others at this time – and because the protocol I followed was successful in eradicating the symptoms completely. I’m sharing exactly what happened and exactly what I did and why because this protocol is specific, and quite unforgiving when certain errors are made – it also has the added pressure of having a time limit to how long one can suffer from it, so making mistakes is serious and even fatal. This health information does not involve anything unsafe or unusual for the body – it’s about creating certain body chemistry to allow the body to heal.

Who am I? (who is sharing this information): I am a psychotherapist of twenty-plus years. I am a Caucasian female in my 50s living in North America. Physical health and wellness is an important and long-standing interest of mine. I am also a researcher and I state this because it is relevant to nature of the sharing. I am unvaccinated as of the date of this blog, and intend to maintain that status.

I’m sharing three specific experiences that have unique similarities, and that are of similar origin, I believe. Part of the ‘solution’ information I applied was given to me by a holistic health practitioner who specializes in the area of concern that I am presenting. The other actions I took were based on observation, trial-and-error, and intuition.

* * *

Experience 1 (2015)

Several years ago I caught a strange condition ‘disease’ from someone who had it, though it was not diagnosed at that time for that other person. Within hours of coming into contact with that person the first symptoms appeared: an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling in my stomach (followed by an unhealthy-looking bowel movement with a large amount of black specs all over it). I also had fatigue, and unusual (and sometimes extreme) twitching sensations in different areas of my body, and other random sensations of movement in different parts of my body (not painful, just unusual to me). The condition progressed quite rapidly in the first week and was very uncomfortable, distracting and alarming to experience.

About the black specs: Anytime I went to the bathroom to urinate and wiped with regular white tissue paper I could see a few of the very tiny black specs on the tissue. They were actually rectangular-type strands (fibres), and were only visible where the tissue was wet as the contrast between the black and white tissue made them more noticeable. They were very tiny. If I didn’t specifically ‘look’ very closely at the tissue (which I always do when I am unwell to look for health clues) they would be easy to miss or overlook. There were also random pinching sensations on top of my skin that I noticed when my body was over-heated in particular – there was a heat-wave at the time, so going outside in the hot sun coincided with this pinching (one pinch sensation at a time). On a few occasions only, at the onset of the condition I saw some larger black fibres come out of the skin where the pinching took place. This was disturbing to say the least. After rubbing my eyes, they both got infected – uncomfortable, irritable and itchy. My skin in general felt irritated and itchy.

I visited a holistic health practitioner who was immediately familiar with the condition, who said it was a fungus. He gave me a specific diet to follow and a supplement plan, and I researched other helpful aspects online that helped me. I finally got rid of it about seven-eight weeks after first contracting it. The fatigue and symptoms continued for a few weeks, then began to subside. Both heat and anxiety seemed to increase the activity under the skin. I discovered online that the “fibres” as they were called online, shed onto a person’s clothing and surrounding environment to re-infect the individual, so I became quite meticulous in changing clothing often, soaking the worn clothing in a solution – that was also recommended online - for soaking the body (in the bathtub) to relieve the various skin symptoms, for a time.

Bathtub Solution

Fill the bathtub with warm water (just enough to allow you to fully immerse your body) and add 1.5 cup of Borax 20 Mule Team powder (in detergent section) and 1.5 cup of hydrogen peroxide 28% food grade quality. Soak for 30 minutes to ‘kill/deactivate’ the fibres. This was incredibly helpful and immediately made my skin feel better, for a little while.

It was also recommended to soak the clothing as well, for seven hours, to kill/deactivate the fibres, and then to wash the clothing as usual in the washing machine, which I did. After my morning bath I tossed dirty clothing and sheets etc. from that night’s sleep in there for the day. Then after dinner I filled a clean bathtub with fresh solution to soak my body before bed, and afterwards tossed more clothing into the solution for over-night. This provided great relief and noticeably helped me minimize shedding and re-infection.

The condition healed completely after two months and I kept taking the supplements for a few weeks. The other person also healed the condition as well with the protocol. That person had been suffering terribly for a much longer time and the symptoms were a lot worse.

* * *

Experience Two (2021)

I am a person who lives quite an isolated existence at home, except for shopping and exercising outside. In the spring of 2021 I ran into a friend while out, and for about ten minutes sat in his car to talk to him (then got back into mine). He had just received his 1st vaccination three days before in the Midwest US while travelling there.

Within a few hours of meeting him the first symptoms appeared; fatigue, upset stomach, and some light pain sensations in my ovaries, and breasts (which was painful), with my menstrual cycle arriving a few days later.

I was at least two years into menopause with no monthly periods at all, so I was surprised. The period ended after five days and by then I had an elevated temperature and brain fog, with mild pain sensations in my heart /chest, brain, breasts, ovaries, and solar plexus (which I think in hindsight must have been my liver).

I also noticed the tiny black specs (rectangular fibres) on the tissue paper after I had urinated – visible where there was moisture as the white/black contrast made them more visible. Otherwise, they were so small you could barely see them unless you were looking for them. These were exactly the same fibres I observed with Experience 1. In addition, I developed the exact same eye infection (both eyes) as I did with Experience 1. It was at this point I heard about vaccination shedding (which was the same process involved in Experience 1 also).

I looked in my computer files for the records I kept from Experience 1, as I believed the fungus was back. I easily went back on the diet plan, and had some of the supplements on-hand though was missing many of them and they were not immediately available where I was as I travel a lot. The fatigue also continued. Most disturbing to me was the brain fog and recurring light pain sensations in my head and heart area.

I discovered that going in a chlorinated swimming pool for 35 minutes at a time (in the morning upon waking, and before sleeping) had a similar soothing effect on the skin, as the bathtub solution mentioned in Experience 1. I did this twice a day, including opening my eyes under water for five minutes each time, which helped greatly with the eye infection.

I worked on trying to obtain the missing supplements, and rested all day as I had very little energy. I found a vitamin clinic and had an ‘immune’ related infusion though this clinic was not easily accessible for me. Immediately the symptoms subsided. I noticed as well however that when I ate too much food at one time, the brain fog, temperature and vital organ sensations immediately came back. I was again alarmed by this.

I deducted that the fungus was getting sugars from the excess food I ate… as I knew that all digested food turns into glucose (sugar) if it is not burned up by the body – so I immediately began vigorous exercise to burn up the sugar – to deny the fungus food. This worked.

I had some free weights at home that I exercise with and used those to engage the muscles, as that’s the fastest way to burn energy. Within twenty minutes of continued exercise involving exertion of the muscles –  the symptoms immediately went away and I felt normal again and symptom-free as the excess sugars were burned up. This was not an easy or comfortable process while experiencing low energy, and would be a challenge for those who are not used to continual exercise and exertion. *Lifting weight of any kind, in one’s household, would serve the same purpose. Ie., Going up a flight of stairs multiple times carrying a flower pot, or a chair, or filling up a back-pack with books and doing squats would also be effective. The largest muscles are in the legs.

I made a two types of errors on this program that delayed the process of ridding my body of the fungus, and put myself in serious danger because of it.

1. Over-eating a few times, which activated the fungus due to excess energy storage from the food.

2. Straying outside of the diet plan and accidentally having foods that have natural sugars/or fat in them, and certain supplements that also activated it – which I discovered as I always take one supplement at a time to allow the body to integrate it – and noticed the immediate effect it had.

The danger of re-activating the fungus and prolonging the condition is that weight-loss happens very quickly on this plan because the dietary regime has no fat, or sugars of any kind. My weight was dangerously low after a month, and my mistakes prolonged my fight to rid myself of the fungus. I am normally very slim, so I became skeletal in appearance after a weight- loss drop of 15-20 pounds. I was cornered by not being able to eat much food as my metabolism declined rapidly – because of fat and muscle loss. This caused even more rapid weight loss.

Sticking with the plan is essential to not re-activating the fungus so that the body can rid itself of it in the most expedient way. Every time it is re-activated, it increases itself, and muscle-mass and fat-storage continue to deteriorate, and the progress gained is then lost. This is very serious for people with a naturally low body weight.

Fungus is a naturally occurring process of the body associated with the ‘death cycle’ as fungus causes the body to decompose. If you lose all muscle-mass and fat you can no longer metabolize food which will cause the fungus to take over the body and begin to feed off vital organs, leading to rapid fungus over-growth, a state of delirium and death.

* * *

The Anti-Fungus Protocol

The Diet

Rice: Brown or white

Proteins: lentils (green or yellow), pinto beans, black beans, or kidney beans – cooked only from their dried raw state as these items from a tin may contain trace amount of sugar or other additives harmful in this situation.

Green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, lettuce, and cilantro herb is ok too), zucchini and broccoli are ok also (please beware many vegetables contain sugar. One wrong choice can reverse the process and activate the fungus growth). *I had a small amount of red cabbage on one occasion and it re-activated it.

NOTE: As this diet plan is very sparse and only small meals can be eaten, it would be more beneficial to the body to consume one’s available calorie intake with more beans, lentils and greens (and not the rice) as this gives more protein and nutrients to the body.

Sea Salt (not iodized table salt) is also part of the diet plan. it provides essential sodium for the body, and helps to flavour the meals.

The Supplements

Olive leaf extract – three caps a day with meals
Vitamin B Complexa – three a day with meals

Probiotic – one capsule a day – the strongest one you can find. Always take it on any empty stomach in the morning with a large glass of water (or more) and don’t eat for at least an hour while it does its job in the gut.

Vitamin D – 10,000 IUs (International Units) a day (avoid taking vitamin D supplements in an oil-based form as oil activates the fungus growth). If you cannot obtain Vitamin D supplements, go into the sun every day where possible for 20 minutes (exposing as much of the skin on your body as possible so that you notice a visible change in skin colour. Obviously, avoid burning, and limit your exposure if you are close to the equator where UV exposure is greater.

Iodine - Four drops a day in water. A high-quality brand of iodine is absolutely essential. You can do a search for top brands online. Here are those most commonly reviewed and recommended brands; J. Crow’s Lugol’s Solution; Optimax Iodoral; Enviromedica Nascent Iodine; Detoxadine; IOPLus by Pure Horizon; Pure Encapsulations; Swanson’s Iodine; Biotics Research Liquid Iodine; Benevolent Liquid Iodine; Life Extension Sea-Iodine; Dr. Mercola Iodine; and RLC Labs iThroid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I discovered with Experience Two that certain vitamins activate the fungus growth. 1. Zinc, 2. Spirulina and 3. ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) (and possibly others), so it’s safer to stick with the recommended supplement list. This set me back and activated the fungus growth again, a few times. I had each supplement in isolation to verify this. Please know that Caffeine, Alcohol, and Smoking also activate the fungus growth because of their effect on the blood, and possibly other substances.

The leading indicator of fungus in the body: a particular kind of gas is released shortly after something is eaten. Pay very close attention to this so you recognize it. When this symptom no longer existed, I knew that the fungus was gone from my body, and added avocado fat to my diet and had no reaction.

One final Important Solution
The work that I do, as my profession, is centered around ‘energy healing’. I intuitively believed and felt the fungus was causing cellular damage because of the fungus toxicity.

I have a lot of experience with healing frequencies and continually witness the power of this with regard to healing. Very early on in the process in ‘Experience Two’ when I first started experiencing the vital organ pain-sensation symptoms, I started listening to a 528 Hertz sound-track. This particular frequency is ‘known’ as the DNA repair frequency. I loaded the track on an old mobile phone and I carried it around in a pouch over my shoulder so I could comfortably listen for many hours at a time.

I listened 14 hours a day, including when I went to sleep at night. I noticed an immediate difference in how I felt when I listened to this, and particularly when the symptoms were active. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I highly recommend listening 14 hours a day ON THE DAYS that the symptoms are present, and continue this same intensity for one week following the cessation of symptoms.

As some of the frequencies provided online on YouTube are not all accurate, I had a 528 Hertz track created that I could share with others, which is pleasant to listen to. The track is 7 hours long which makes listening at night easy, during the sleeping hours. It doesn’t need to be loud – only audible. As well, listening with one ear-phone is also effective. It can be played on a stereo or in your car if it is audible. This track is free to stream or download on my website

When the fungus was cleared from my body – when NO gas was present after eating something – I continued with the supplements, and diet for two weeks, only adding avocado mixed in with the same diet of lentils, rice and beans, and lettuce. I worked up to an avocado a day and quickly put the weight back on, and began tapering off when at my normal weight again – about 120 lbs.

After being fungus-free for five weeks I caught it again…

Experience 3

I ran into a friend while outside, had a 10-minute conversation with him (he had another person with him), and said goodbye with a hug, and developed symptoms shortly after, beginning with uncomfortable stomach pains after I ate my normal food with fat and sugars… there was no menstrual cycle, temperature or brain fog this time – however, I did have the other symptoms including vital organ pains and sensations, and random twitching and pinching. Fatigue also set in right away. I could also see a few tiny black fibres on the toilet paper tissue.

I immediately began using my free-weights to burn off the stored calories – put on the headphones with the 528 Hertz frequency, and got back on the diet and supplement plan. I was successful in clearing the fungus in a more efficient way in just over a month this time, as I learned from my previous mistakes and followed the protocol accurately.

Note: It’s helpful not to use up your supplement supply once you have healed the fungus, in case it comes back.

I do not know if I caught the covid variant I heard was in my area, or shedding from my friend who had two vaccinations, or his friend whose status was unknown to me. I now avoid those people who have been vaccinated, and coming in contact with them physically ie. handshakes, hugs or going into their vehicles, homes or offices etc., and if I do I have to go into an office environment, and avoid sitting down). I wear plastic gloves and wash them after in a solution with water with a bit of bleach (which is also helpful for soaking with a water solution, clothing worn in questionable areas due to shedding). Re-infection is an ongoing concern for me. I also make sure I have enough vitamins on reserve.

This document can be downloaded from my website in the Blog section dated September 30th, 2021 under the title: A Serious Health Issue – The AF Protocol (anti-fungus). I created a video with this information on my website in the Videos section under Current Events. The 528 Hertz DNA Repair audio-track is free to stream or download on my website in the Music section.

* Please beware inaccurate and falsified versions and translations of this document and video, or altered versions with my name on it. The smallest of errors in this protocol could be fatal.

Blessings and Love,



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