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The Gong Nervous System Reset


A powerful playing technique for adjusting sound volume

By Dr. Jain Wells

This text is part of an excerpt going into my Gong Consciousness Self-Healing Through The Power of Sound book update – that will be available in June, 2023 – called the 2nd edition as I have been adding new…

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The Gong For Self-Healing in The Home

Dr. Jain Wells

The Gong is a powerful instrument that emits great energy and vibration, with a highly captivating sound. It is an important tool for supporting various forms of healing – emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual – with a commitment to regular concentrated sessions. It is als…

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Nutrition and Vibrational Frequency (and Toxic Foods)

Dr. Jain Wells

Nutrition is a controversial subject as there are many different philosophies and many contradictory ideas and approaches. We need food to live and sustain the body, and every day choices are made that either harm or help us. Even if we eat foods that we think are ‘neutral’ in their …

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The Continuing Spiral of Self-Transformation

Dr. Jain Wells

Consciousness is ever-changing. I recognize this in myself as I continue to engage in the healing and consciousness practices that I teach. Even after over twenty years of teaching them and applying them in my own life, they continue to deepen in my understanding. That’s the beauty o…

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