Gonging in The Workplace

Jain’s interest in the corporate sector involves introducing the Gong and its healing benefits into the workplace environment for enhanced well-being, increased productivity and creativity. When an individual receives gong sound wave vibration exposure, it brings balance to both mind and body in an immediate way. Over extended sessions, deep transformation is possible.

Everything is energy, and ‘sound’ as energy and vibration permeates the human energy system all at levels to create positive change. The beauty of bringing such a powerful instrument as the gong into the workplace is that the sessions are always a silent and private journey of the individual. In other words, while deep change is occurring no personal content needs to be shared as each Gong Journey is an inward passage of transformation.

With very little instruction any willing individual can guide a gong healing session with a group that will instantly revitalize the energy of participants, and over the longer term facilitate much deeper change emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In a work environment there are many potentially stressful conditions that impede productivity. When we feel good about ourselves we open to creativity and finding creative solutions. The Gong is a highly efficient tool for transforming an individual’s energy with regular sessions. The more open and receptive, and even vulnerable, a person can be, the greater the potential for positive change. The less resistance a person holds, the more they are giving permission to themselves to be free of whatever is holding them back and limiting their growth.


A small one-time investment of a Gong, a stand and a few mallets can truly transform a community of people who are willing to participate with regular gong sound sessions.

When you buy your gong, it can simply remain in its stand (with wheels) and be rolled into any room at any time for an instant gong sound treatment session… typically 45 minutes for a full treatment. Participants can sit in a chair or bring in a yoga mat to sit or lay down on the floor. Gonging sessions can be offered at any time – pre-work sessions, lunch-time sessions, after work, weekends or evenings. When anyone needs it, they attend the next session or do a self-gong. Those working in high stress, high performance environments will especially find great relief in being able to rest and be washed with high vibrational sound frequencies to revitalize their energy and bring them into balance.

Corporate Gong Training Workshops and Corporate Gong Retreats

Jain offers Corporate Gong Training Workshops to business owners and corporations in order to learn to use the Gong for best results in the workplace environment. In this 3-Day gong workshop, participants learn about the gong –  how to buy the right one, the different types of gongs and mallets, how to play, how gong sound healing works, gong meditation, and how to run a gong sound healing session in the workplace.

The Corporate Gong Retreats involve direct sound healing work with the gong and transformational practices, in addition to learning all the elements presented in the Gong Training Workshop.