The journey of transformation dissolves illusory perceptions.

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I have been teaching Awareness Practices Seminars and working with individual clients for over twenty years. I teach others how to engage with various healing modalities and practices that empower them to raise conscious awareness. In recent years, I have incorporated gong sound-wave vibrations as one such powerful mode. Through the development of various aspects of the Self – emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual – we evolve to the experience of wholeness and a profound sense of oneness with all that is. To raise consciousness is also to raise one’s ‘vibrational frequency’.

By engaging in daily practices within these areas of being and human expression we become more aware, more balanced and at peace, and more creative and productive in the way we live. As well our perceptions go through a continual process of transformation that allow us to see through the illusory aspects of suffering and pain, to awaken to our highest expression – the True Self – free of grasping and attachment, and aligned with the expansiveness of our peaceful, loving nature. If you’re caught in fear and negativity it takes willingness and conscious action to break out of that ‘automatic’ way of living.

Most people aren’t aware that most of their choices are unconsciously driven by unresolved emotional issues and limited perceptions.

Given current global challenges, the majority of my work is now presented through a series of videos on this website, as well as my books and music. Willing individuals can accelerate personal development and raise consciousness by using these tools and practices – taking advantage of the expansive planetary energies that are opening us all to our inherent multi-dimensional capacity. It requires a commitment to a change in lifestyle and perspective: centred around practices that can help shift emotional difficulties, form new self-honouring beliefs, enhance the body’s health and vitality, and connect with your transcendent-spiritual capacity as a human being.









About Jain

Jain has been practicing psychotherapy and energy healing for twenty five years, with a strong personal interest in her own development through the work that she teaches and shares in her writing and videos. Her first book Hold Me Able was part of a successful seminar program she developed which was taught mainly in Canada as well as Ireland and the United Kingdom. It ran for nine years. It involved weekly small group gatherings over a 9-week period for active engagement in healing and awareness practices for the purpose of expanded consciousness. She is still teaching this work.

She combined her psychotherapy work with gong sound healing starting in 2015 – with a unique method of enhancing healing. Jain is an important proponent of gong sound healing, redefining how the gong is perceived in relation to other non-clinical approaches. Therapeutic Gong Healing is the name used to define her proprietary method. Jain also plays an instrumental role in helping gong practitioners understand how improper use of the gong can adversely affect health. Unless applied in a specific way for certain types of more chronic health conditions, the effects can be serious. Working with a high quality gong is essential.

The updated edition of Gong Consciousness: Healing Through The Power of Sound will be available soon despite current unavailability on Amazon.

Jain has been writing music for over 30 years that includes themes relevant to her work and perspective, also on the website. For online psychotherapy sessions and individualized gong training or group gong healing tutorials, see Private Sessions page.