Transformational Practices Seminar

Jain’s seminars are designed to help individuals transform any personal challenges into opportunities for growth and positive change. “When we heal an issue, we come to a new understanding of ourselves and raise consciousness in that aspect of our lives,” she says.

Her Transformational Practices Seminar addresses the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual (transpersonal) aspects of the Self.

Transformational Practices seminars with Jain Wells

“Becoming a more aware person involves paying attention to diet/exercise and self-care just as much as shifting emotional challenges. The more you engage in developing yourself at all levels, the more you consciously transform your life,” she adds.

In this seminar you will learn practical tools to:

  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Learn a variety of techniques to shift emotional imprints
  • Examine how you treat your physical body and decide what you are willing to do to support your health, and general self-care
  • Explore the spiritual dimension of your life and learn to Meditate to experience deeper aspects of your being to find purpose and meaning

Jain’s book is a practical guide on how to identify and re-frame limiting beliefs, shift emotional disturbances and heal old wounds that prevent you from moving forward, manifest your ideas into reality and create a positive future vision for your life… through understanding the energy dynamics of experience.

Here’s what others have to say about Jain’s Transformational Practice Seminar.

Working with Jain has helped me to literally tweak every part of my life and re-position myself to move forward and up to the next level. There were many things I didn't even notice I was doing that were clearly blocking my success. I feel like I have the tools to continue to develop and just feel happier within myself.

Julie Cardy

I had real difficulty in some of my relationships, not realizing how shaky my ability to hold boundaries. Working with Jain's practices and taking responsibility for myself helped me to let go of toxic relationships, and re-define my new ones. I have a much greater confidence and self-respect as a result.

James Welwood

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