Never Underestimate The Power Of Denial

By April 5, 2016Meditation

Never Underestimate The Power Of Denial

It often surprises me when I see someone suffering from an emotional issue and make no effort to do anything about it. They suffer and live with their discomfort, and are often down or critical of themselves around other aspects of their lives as well. In an office environment unresolved emotions lead to tension at work, reduced productivity, and not feeling good about one’s work life.

Many individuals don’t even think of seeking help for these debilitating issues and feelings either because some part of them does not want to face and deal with the real source of the issue (which might involve breaking a bad habit, ending a toxic relationship or taking a stand for yourself) or they feel defeated, and have a challenge in believing that change can be brought about consciously.

We often see what we want to see and not how things actually are

It reminds me of a powerful quote from the film American Beauty: ‘Never underestimate the power of denial’. We often see what we want to see and not how things actually are. It’s easy to find yourself on the treadmill, working hard at going nowhere – unable to bring freshness and creativity to your life and self-expression as a result. A happy life really does begin with self love and self respect, and unresolved emotional issues simply won’t allow that to be the case.

In the same way you get a flat tire fixed or go to a doctor with a health issue you can immediately do certain things to help you shift out of an emotional disturbance. That’s true self-empowerment to be able to do this yourself… though to live with it when you don’t have to doesn’t make sense.

When we delay making much needed conscious change in our lives we are sometimes forced to deal with the change that comes as a result of a breaking down of some kind… when something finally breaks out of neglect, or when overspending leads to financial crisis, or neglected marital issues leads to an affair and divorce, or ignoring signs of ill health leads to a health scare. Change also comes as a last resort when we are so exhausted that we reach a point of feeling fed up with our circumstances and bust out and do something new or let something else go.

We make a change…more exercise, better food choices, a different kind of work, travelling somewhere we have always wanted to go or taking up a new hobby that we find stimulating.

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System Of Change

It wasn’t until I was about 33-34 years old that I became fed up with my fears and anxieties and made the important association between recognizing just how my insecurities were the direct result of not being able to create the life I wanted. At that point I began to engage in self-development work… Various therapies designed to explore my inner state of being in order to facilitate healing so that I could manifest positive and lasting joy in my life. Working on one’s self and cutting old baggage loose to reap the positive benefits is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Is this your time to find a “system of change” that works for you?

If you can afford it, visiting a therapist for a few sessions can be hugely beneficial. Ask around first to see if there are any hopeful recommendations from friends. Different therapists use different modalities or processes of change, so just be patient in order to attract what is right for you. If you don’t want to talk about your issue to anyone, here are some other modes.

You could also learn to meditate by attending some classes in your area, or even go to YouTube and do a little research. You will find my meditation videos in my Awareness Practices Series. Find one style and give it a try. Once you learn to do it properly you will continue to shift your energy over time with consistent meditation practice. It slows down mental activity into a state of relaxed stillness and has unlimited benefits for body, mind and awareness. You can also buy a meditation CD with binaural beats to aid in the process of learning how to meditate. The sound frequencies are engineered to slow down one’s brainwave frequency into a meditative state. I have one called Luminosity One on my website or iTunes or search for others that you feel attracted to.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Another easy process is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This a process that you can use to help you shift emotional issues, physical pain, and phobias. Go to the original founder’s site at and click “Gold Standard EFT” and learn an amazing energy tapping exercise that you can learn to use effectively in half an hour. I use that one all the time. Give it a try. It utilizes the body’s energy meridians similar to acupuncture.

If you prefer a more physical approach you can do Yoga or Weight Lifting. Both of these practices help you to move energy in the body and shift disturbances with consistent practice. Becoming aware of your breathing is a key point as you consciously move through the exercises or postures. In fact, conscious breathing is a practice in itself. This involves using your breath to help regulate and increase the flow of oxygen in your blood. It brings calm to mind and body, and is felt almost instantly. Engage in long slow deep breaths into your belly if you get triggered by something in the moment, and also develop a habit of consciously doing this throughout the day to help keep you awake, calm and centred. Post a sign in your personal space to help you remember. BREATHE.

Just do one thing from this list and stick with it consciously for 40 days. A consistent positive practice transforms you.

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