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One of Jain’s great hobbies is writing music. She is a singer-songwriter in the pop genre and uses music to communicate her ideas.

Her first album, To Be Real, was released in Nov, 2012 and she has since released six new singles and one dance remix in the last year – moving towards the completion of her second album.

“I enjoy writing music and find it is an exciting medium to express my thoughts – which are often times related to themes around my personal development work with others and from my own experience: duality and polarity in life, energy awareness, love and pain, and growth,” says Jain.

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Jain’s debut album – To Be Real

‘To Be Real’ is available on iTunes and Amazon. Here are some reviews on the album.

To Be Real is the debut album by the London based singer-songwriter and it beautifully showcases her hauntingly wistful yet powerful voice through 12 finely crafted songs.

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The album has a feeling of beautiful wistfulness about it: this can be seen in the lyrics, the instrumental mood and Wells' distinctive vocals - soulful and heartfelt. Catchy, commercial pop music but with a beautiful depth to it. Recommended.


When listening to the album you can tell that there is a little more depth to Jain Wells and her album 'To Be Real' than the general music we review. The album from start to finish is an emotional and powerful collection of songs that females all over the globe will be able to associate with and all males should be able to understand. The combination of Wells and her producer Greg Fitzgerald is brilliant and provides the perfect sonic experience, utilising first class production values to the music to enhance the raw talent of Jain.


Working with producer Greg Fitzgerald, Jain Wells has come up with an echoing, ambient sound that gives her debut album an ethereal, other-worldy quality. But there's nothing airy-fairy about her lyrics, which are thoughtful, eloquent musings on love, loss, moving on and taking the positive from every encounter.

Freelance Journalist, Piers Ford

To Be Real is the debut album from Jain Wells. She studied for her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and has written in various publications in Canada -- elements of her life that have helped shaped this promising new artist. This is a great album full of surprises, making this album something special.

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  1. The Colours of My Heart
  2. Out of Time
  3. To Be Real
  4. Being and Time
  5. Holiday
  6. Tonight
  7. Out of The Fog
  8. I’ll Never Be The Same
  9. Look Into The Mirror
  10. Pretending
  11. Running Away
  12. A New Era
To Be Real - Jain Wells Album

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