Meditation Testimonials

“Jain, you’ve shown me a tool which has enabled me to help myself and gain control over my life. At first it was some kind of exaggerated high, though after continuous effort I’ve been able to get in touch with myself. Yes, it’s been painful, though very worthwhile. It’s a journey. For the first time I can actually say I feel content, happy and optimistic about the future.”  Racquelle Pusey

“Meditation practice is all about centering yourself. It’s a new place to live and exist from for me and it ensures that I really think about what I am doing. I don’t have the self-doubt that I used to have. Thank you Jain for this wonderful gift.”  Cindy Parfitt

“The sense of peacefulness that comes from developing a meditation practice is profound. It’s something you have to experience first-hand for yourself. It is worth all the effort to get through that initial struggle with your mind. Thanks Jain.”  Ed Sutton

“When I first came to a meditation class with Jain I was already developing a regular practice, but I was looking for a little more guidance. I found Jain to be informative and enthusiastic about meditation and the benefits of meditation, and her approach is down to earth. You can see that her teaching is based on both study and experience.”  Mario Constantine

“Through my meditation practice and working with Jain I have definitely achieved a greater flow in my communication, and a new level of openness with people – and less defences than I used to have. I now understand what it means to embrace life in the moment. It’s amazing!  Tommy Smythe

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“I used to be quite reactive in situations with people and felt uncomfortable stating my opinions in order to avoid conflict. Through steady meditation practice I am just not that person anymore. I pay attention to how I am feeling and respond more consciously. Thank you so much Jain for your patience and caring.”  Candice Bertram

“Meditation practice has kept me grounded, serene and aware. It wasn’t easy initially it takes practice, though the benefits are real, profound and positive. I personally have gained some deep insights about myself through my practice. Jain is a caring and compassionate teacher and very dedicated to her work with people.”  Mike Boxser

“I highly recommend this meditation session with Dr. Wells. She is an experienced practitioner, is obviously passionate about it and the evening was well organised.”  Baljit Singh

“I was very happy with the meditation session yesterday morning. Jain really knows her subject, and kept it interesting and engaging throughout. She came across as very authentic and professional, and avoided all the vague and flaky stuff. A bit of meditation is a very good way to start the day, and I would happily go to another event of Jain’s.”  Mark Seabright

“I enjoyed the meditation session with Jain. Fascinating stuff. I’ve never been into meditation but I am motivated to learn how to do it after hearing what it can do for you.”  Paul Ringsell

“My work as a personal assistant involves constant changes, and last-minute diversions that require me to be quick on my feet, and friendly in the process. It was difficult and frustrating at first to sit and wrestle with my thoughts. I started with 10 minutes a day and gradually increased it over time. I became less attached to little things that don’t matter and deal with work stress in a better way and feel more relaxed. I am more balanced and generally a happier person. I am also lighter and easier to be around – it was encouraging to receive that new feedback from my closest associates.”  Chrissy Hecht

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