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Meditation significantly alters your energy, how you feel and the choices that you make. This enhanced sense of well being and self-awareness allows you to create and more naturally attract what you desire — whether its improving your relationships, your health or manifesting more abundance in your life.

When we sustain ‘present moment awareness’ through meditation practice we are not caught up in thoughts of the past or future – we are fully present with all of our sensory input right ‘Now.’ However, quieting the mind involves both practice and commitment. Once you learn how to do it you are no longer struggling with your thoughts but resting naturally in a calm and relaxed state. Through meditation practice you are connecting with your True Self — a state of acceptance, peace and love. This perspective and feeling of inner stillness is what changes your whole orientation to life, as a meditator.

There is a specific change in the brainwave frequency when a meditative state is achieved. Once you have learned how to do it, you simply continue to deepen your practice in order to enjoy the transformative benefits that it offers. Discover the depths of your True Self.


See Jain’s Meditation CD interview.

“Jain’s Luminosity One meditation CD is a fascinating and unique experiment linking sound frequency, music, meditation and consciousness.”
– Sting, London

Benefits of Meditation

  • Enhances a sense of inner calm and well being
  • Improves health – alleviates depression, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety
  • Improves concentration, memory and productivity
  • Enhances self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Increases self-awareness to make better choices
  • Enhances present-moment-awareness to enjoy greater intimacy and rapport in relationships
  • Enhances creativity and self-expression
  • Cultivates compassion toward self and others
  • Strengthens Authentic Self expression and minimises Ego Self Identification
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Luminosity One Album Cover

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Jain’s’¬†Luminosity One meditation CD

Jain’s Luminosity One meditation CD utilises brainwave synchronisation technology that can aid a person in learning how to meditate. It facilitates the slowing-down process of mental activity to help a person experience a deep meditative state.

CD 1 is instructional with two tracks that guide you through ‘how to meditate’ & ‘integrating mindfulness in daily life’.

CD 2 has a 32 minute meditative journey called Luminosity that you can work with in your daily practice to help you experience a true state of meditation. Ideally, the objective is to help you learn to achieve this state on your own in your meditation practice. The Luminosity track is also a great way to relax and slow down if you are stressed, or help you get to sleep – as it moves you towards the slower ‘sleep frequencies’ and calms mental activity.

Meditation: The Incredible Gateway To An Abundant Life

This book is a major revision from the first edition and is now available on Amazon. It is a workbook for transforming yourself through meditation, mindfulness practices, exercises for shifting difficult emotional states, and for healing unconsciously driven imprints that have manifested in any area of your life that is not working.

The book also includes transformative guided imagery visualizations for creating positive change. They are designed to help bring valuable ‘Insights’ into your experience and to help you integrate challenges and move forward.

Did you know that gong sound vibrations also induce a meditative state, and is easy to use and inexpensive to own? Discover the many ways you can help strengthen your connection with the real you — a deep sense of inner peace and well being. This is why meditation must be the core practice of any personal growth and spiritual awareness journey.

This book is Available on Amazon.

Meditation Book - Jain Wells

Meditation Testimonials

Meditation practice has kept me grounded, serene and aware. It wasn't easy initially - it takes practice, though the benefits are real, profound and positive. I personally have gained some deep insights about myself through my practice. Jain is a caring and compassionate teacher and very dedicated to her work with people.

Mike Boxser

I highly recommend this meditation session with Dr. Wells. She is an experienced practitioner, is obviously passionate about it and the evening was well organised.

Baljit Singh

My work as a personal assistant involves constant changes, and last-minute diversions that require me to be quick on my feet, and friendly in the process. It was difficult and frustrating at first to sit and wrestle with my thoughts. I started with 10 minutes a day and gradually increased it over time. I became less attached to little things that don't matter and deal with work stress in a better way and feel more relaxed. I am more balanced and generally a happier person. I am also lighter and easier to be around - it was encouraging to receive that new feedback from my closest associates.

Chrissy Hecht

Corporate Meditation

Corporate Meditation

Jain’s corporate Mindfulness & Energy Management Program is a 1-Day Workshop for management and executives. It is a comprehensive workshop with a series of mindfulness practices that develop both ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ awareness – to enhance psychological and emotional well being and productivity, and to foster creative leadership. Jain also guides Mindfulness & Meditation Retreats for management and executives.

For corporate booking enquiries and bookings please email meditation@drjainwells.com.

* Meditation cover photo by Howard Stern.

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