Gong Testimonials

“Thank-you so much for the gong meditation on Sunday, I felt it brought me a deep sense of peace and relaxation that I still feel with me today. My old foot injury had flared up and felt slightly better after the session. I am now considering doing more gong sessions before looking into other avenues.” Lisa Virtue, Vancouver

“Participating in a gong bath meditation is amazing!  When I walked in the door I was struggling with an issue, in a swirl of thoughts and emotions. During the process my mind became quiet effortlessly and I arrived at that peaceful, surrendered place where I was no longer trying to solve or control the outcome, and at the end of the session I felt that my issue had been resolved and I was at peace. I love it!” Cindy Papso, Vancouver

“As soon as I met Jain, her calm, authentic aura washed over me immediately. It was very obvious that Jain’s passion for her practice is pure and heartfelt. As soon as the workshop started, my body instantly absorbed the sounds. The gong, particularly, was incredible. The vibrations pulsed in and out of my body giving me a sense of peace and stillness that is so hard for me to find. I cannot wait for more!” Alice Ko, Vancouver

“I have been suffering with numbing sensations, mostly arms and legs. At first they start tingling with the gong energy, then intensify and by the end the numbing was noticeably reduced and I could feel more. It reduced the inflammation. Thank you.” Sarah Deslauriers

“Attended Jain’s Gong session with little expectation except to find out what it was like. My body was literally vibrating and moving by itself from the sound, and two particular sports injuries I had were ‘tingling’ in the affected areas. The following morning the mobility of the injured areas was notably increased, and the pain level was measurably less. Very impressive.” Nathan Lee

“I put anxiety out there as my intention for healing in the gong session and you wouldn’t believe what came through for me… so much fear that I wasn’t conscious of. It was beautiful to experience that awareness without the usual anxiety that follows. Thank you.” Tami Lundrum, Vancouver

Thank you for the Gong Bath and Meditation. This was a fantastic experience. My brain felt wide awake. A tired feeling and burning of the eyes had vanished… Thank you, Jain! Colin Hillstrom

“I feel fantastic today!!! After the session last night all the stomach pain that I was complaining about upon arrival had completely disappeared. So great! Today, I feel very energized and positive. Thank you for sharing your gong magic with me! Brandi Holt

“It’s an amazing experience. It is a journey of a whole new kind – releasing at a deep level.” Raven Light, Vancouver

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“There was something powerful and penetrating about the steady sound of the gong. I have had a difficult time with (what I call) traditional meditation in past, though what Jain created for us was different. It felt like the sounds did the work for me.” Jennifer Bourque, Vancouver

“Thank you for such a wonderful and intimate Gong Meditation session. It was pretty phenomenal. I felt soothing vibrations throughout my entire body for hours following.” Amanda Webster, Vancouver

“The Gong Bath was such an amazing experience. Feeling the vibrations of the gongs ripping through my body, felt almost like a micro-massage throughout my body. I left the session feeling very relaxed and grounded.” Kristie Scarlett, Vancouver

“Loved it ! Thank you for the new and unusual experience. I could definitely feel things going on and moving around inside body. I really enjoyed it and would do it again.” Cindy Ryan, Vancouver

“I was curious about the gong from a healing perspective because I am a therapist. I intuitively knew how to work with it and had a noticeable shift in my body around a big weight I had been carrying for days. Sound healing is gaining momentum.” Janet Wentworth, Burnaby

Thank you for the gong experiences you have afforded me. Clarity of mind was accelerated with each experience and appears to have a lasting effect in my living. Gong on.” Jonathan Beals, Victoria

“I had a momentary connection with spirit and saw a lion’s head and it turned into a man’s head with a large beard and then back to a lion’s head. This particular kind of a vision is a first for me.” Christine Wallen, Vancouver

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