The Gong Experience

As a therapist and a musician, sound healing has been a keen interest of Jain’s for many years. The ancient Gong, which originated in China during the Bronze Age, is said to be the oldest instrument. Its complex range of vibrations and rhythms create a profound soundscape that has a deeply healing and re-balancing effect on the body’s energy field. It creates tones that physically affect every cell in the body and literally re-order the molecules to promote healing. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system associated with slowing the heart rate, and regulating organ and gland functioning. It also increases vital life force energy, improves circulation and has a deeply calming effect on the mind and body.

“I have always been intrigued with how music and sound affect one’s mood and state of mind,” Jain says. “Nothing has affected me as deeply as the Gong in terms of its ability to cleanse and shift energy so rapidly. The Gong healing experiences I have had personally, in addition to observing the same with others in my research over the last four years, has inspired me to get behind the Gong and the power of sound healing so that others may benefit. As a therapist of twenty years, I am very excited about how the Gong puts great healing potential in the hands of many people – at a time when it is greatly needed on this planet.”

A typical Gong sound healing session is 45 minutes to an hour though a shift in energy is often experienced in as little as 20 minutes.

The Gong sound vibrations guide you into deep restful ‘meditative mind’ where healing is accelerated. It penetrates the body’s subtle energy fields in addition to affecting change at the cellular level (as sound has a ‘physical’ presence also). While one session gives immediate benefits, multiple sessions have an accumulative overall impact at the mental, emotional and physical levels, significantly affecting health and consciousness.

This includes:

  • the treatment of anxiety and depression
  • improving sleep patterns
  • reducing inflammation and improving circulation
  • enhancing the recovery of physical injuries and infection
  • healing a variety of addictions and unhelpful habits
  • creating deep states of inner peace and relaxation
  • helping to treat cancer and other serious conditions

If you are reading this and are willing to buy a Gong to treat a more serious illness with yourself or a family member in the home, I would love to have a conversation with you and offer some direction, in the name of furthering Gong sound research and its benefits with regard to specific ailments and conditions. share.

Jain Wells the Gong Experience

The gong vibrations relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms while being played
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Jain Wells - Gong Consciousness

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Jain‘s New Book Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound is available on

~ I published a book called Gong Consciousness, Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound which helps any individual to buy and get set up with a Gong for self-healing in the home; to use as an integrative tool in clinics to support other healing modalities (reiki healing, acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, yoga etc.) And, to learn to run Gong sound-bath sessions for larger groups. It also includes two years of Gong Sound Healing Research that shows some of the ailments the Gong can treat – and to encourage others to conduct similar Gong research for the benefit of others.

My other book Meditation – The Incredible Gateway to an Abundant Life is a workbook containing a transformative system that incorporates meditation, mindfulness practices, exercises for shifting difficult emotional states and for healing deep unconsciously-driven imprints to allow forward movement. The gong also induces a meditative state which enhances its power to help people heal – and is a wonderful tool for learning how to meditate and going into profound states of awareness.

What others have to say about Jain – More Testimonials Here

There was something powerful and penetrating about the steady sound of the gong. I have had a difficult time with (what I call) traditional meditation in past, though what Jain created for us was different. It felt like the sounds did the work for me.

Jennifer Bourque, Vancouver

Thank you for such a wonderful and intimate Gong Meditation session. It was pretty phenomenal. I felt soothing vibrations throughout my entire body for hours following.

Amanda Webster, Vancouver

The Gong Bath was such an amazing experience. Feeling the vibrations of the gongs ripping through my body, felt almost like a micro-massage throughout my body. I left the session feeling very relaxed and grounded.

Kristie Scarlett, Vancouver

I have struggled to get the hang of meditation for many years, always thinking I wasn’t doing it right. When I met Jain all that changed. Her gong sound sessions are clearing my mind like nothing I have tried before. It is truly a magical experience that is helping me become much more calm and grounded in my daily life.

Ray Torresan

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