Mindfulness in the Workplace

In a recent article in USA Today, David Levy, a professor at the university of Washington conducted research into meditation and the workplace and found that “those who had meditation training were able to stay on task longer and were less distracted”. They also discovered that meditation improved the memory of test subjects while easing their stress.

The Financial Times recently described mindfulness as a “quiet revolution…gripping the City of London” where “fast-paced financiers are turning to mindfulness.

Mindfulness training involves engaging in various practices that help cultivate ‘present moment awareness’ and help you feel more energized, less stressed, and more self-aware. The practice of meditation accelerates mindfulness in a profound way by changing your physiology and mental level brainwave activity. This enhanced sense of well being simply leads to greater levels of concentration, improved communication and more conscious choices.

Jian Wells Corporate Meditation

The Gong induces a meditative state – slows brainwave frequency. Businesses and Organizations can use a GONG in the workplace to provide ongoing stress-relief and healing. It’s a minimal investment and easy for anyone to play for healing. One large Gong – a gong stand – and a few mallets are all that’s needed – and an enclosed room with chairs. Employees Gong whenever they want it – before the workday, at lunch, or after hours. A noticeable difference is experienced in each session, typically 45 minutes, though a difference in energy can be felt in as little as 20 minutes. 

Workplace Benefits

Mindfulness and Meditation enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being

  • Increases productivity and time-management

  • Improves one’s ability to maintain focus

  • Improves rapport and communication 

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhances intuition and creativity

  • Cultivates compassion

  • Minimizes anxiety and lowers blood pressure

Corporate Programs

Mindfulness & Energy Management                1 Day Workshop

For Management and Executives

A comprehensive one-day seminar – an Integral approach with dedicated practices that address various aspects of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ mindfulness training – to enhance psychological and emotional well-being, performance and creative leadership. Jain also incorporates a sound journey segment into the seminar using gongs and crystal bowls to induce deep states of awareness.

In your offices or preferred location.

Corporate Gong Retreats

Jain also offers Mindfulness & Meditation Retreats utilizing the Gong for management & executives, and individual coaching.

For more information or to book a corporate program please email: corporatemeditation@drjainwells.com or fill out the application form.

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Corporate Testimonials

My work as a personal assistant involves constant changes, and last-minute diversions that require me to be quick on my feet, and friendly in the process. It was difficult and frustrating at first to sit and wrestle with my thoughts. I started with 10 minutes a day and gradually increased it over time. I became less attached to little things that don't matter and deal with work stress in a better way and feel more relaxed. I am more balanced and generally a happier person. I am also lighter and easier to be around - it was encouraging to receive that new feedback from my closest associates.

Chrissy Hecht, executive assistant

It was great to do a mindfulness session with Dr. Jain Wells. She ran a class with our small work group and we all found it to be very peaceful and energising immediately. It's unusual to give yourself the time of day to take stock of your present as a means to untangle the future. We all really enjoyed it, and I personally continue to practice mindfulness and find it very peaceful.

Tom Procter, Commercial Director, Alibi health Drink, London UK

Practicing mindfulness at work and learning to meditate has helped me to be more focused, calm and organized. It has definitely opened up more authentic communication lines in the office. It's a fantastic group activity that I highly recommend.

Jason Peterson, graphic artist

Jain's passion for her work with meditation and mindfulness really showed throughout the session, with such feedback as, "I wished the session was longer." It showed me how much our members truly valued it. The session incorporated two examples of different meditation practices which really helped members embrace it and get an embodied sense of it in the here and now. Jain also took the time to answer individual questions, along with the constant message that individual self acceptance is the starting block. I would definitely invite Jain back to speak.

Whitney Shaw-Dale, Coordinator, Depression Alliance, London UK