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Gong Meditation Sound Bath Sessions

For the last two years I have been working with the Gong and sound healing, conducting research on what it can do. It is an incredible healing tool that has an immediate impact on psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual development. I am currently completing a book called Gong Consciousness, For Healers, Homes & Office that will be available January, 2018.

In November this year I am also releasing the second edition of my book Meditation – The Incredible Gateway to an Abundant Life. This book has become a full transformative system utilizing meditation, mindfulness practices, exercises for shifting difficult emotional states and for healing deep unconsciously-driven imprints to allow forward movement. The gong also induces a meditative state which enhances its power to help people heal, which I have introduced in this book. I included the final chapter called How The Gong Changed My Life (from the book) in my recent blog on my website.

I am still offering counselling sessions by skype. Email: to book an appointment.





Online Workshop

Jain teaches an online course called ‘Shift A Challenging Issue in 10 Steps‘ on She guides you through a 10 session step-by-step process that allows you to use your issue to examine and shift limiting beliefs and emotional imprints that are holding you back from expressing yourself more authentically. The workshop includes sections on ‘How To Meditate.’

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