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Jain Wells the Gong Experience

Preface From my new book – Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound.

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For the last 20 years I have been actively pursuing healing and consciousness as a way of life through various practices that stimulate personal growth and spiritual awareness—and doing the same with others for the last 18 years. Since I was first introduced to gong sound healing in 2015, I experienced some surprising occurrences of change and regeneration that caught my attention. I integrated it easily into my work and am so impressed by it.

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How the gong changed my life

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This blog is the final chapter in Jain’s book Meditation: The Incredible Gateway to an Abundant Life, to be released November, 2017. This is a fast-track workbook for connecting with your True Self — a state of deep inner peace. While meditation is the core practice, it also includes mindfulness practices, and exercises on how to shift difficult emotional states and limiting imprints, plus a chapter on other ways of inducing a meditative state, including the Gong.

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Reducing Anxiety in Everyday Life

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling of worry or nervousness that we may experience when we feel pressure or resistance around some aspect of our lives. Anxiety makes us feel overwhelmed and in a state of stress. For others it may be even more extreme and experienced every day as an anxiety disorder or linked with depression. There are a variety of anxiety symptoms and circumstances — all of which can be addressed and minimized with the right approach. For example, during the upcoming holiday season many people will feel some form of social anxiety with the pressures of socializing and meeting new people, or at family events. Anxiety is that feeling of panic that gets in the way of us really relaxing and enjoying our down time. The truth is, any type of stress or anxiety are indications that we are out of balance.

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