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Jain has always had a fascination with philosophy and psycho-spiritual development. She received a Degree in Philosophy and English before completing her Masters and PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in California. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), psychosynthesis, EFT (emotional freedom technique), among other modalities. Jain also incorporates sound healing into her live meditation groups and completed her gong and sound healing training at The Integral Yoga Institute in New York with grand gong master and sound healer Don Conreaux. Jain is also completing yoga teacher training in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.
She began her work in the field of psychology 16 years ago and originally developed and launched her awareness programs in Canada, and training 25 facilitators. They worked as a team to make positive change in various cities and communities in Western Canada, and the UK. Jain also taught in India and The United States.
She is an author and spent many years as a business magazine writer/editor before getting involved in psychology, and continues to write for various publications. Her doctoral research involved combining mindfulness meditation practice with guided imagery visualizations as a way of enhancing personal growth and transpersonal awareness. The results of this study were published in her book Meditation: The Incredible Gateway to An Abundant Life. She is set to release a new book this year.

Her Philosophy

Her philosophy is an Integral one that emphasizes the importance of work on Self at the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels. “My work with others involves the same philosophy that I have for myself. I personally engage in a number of practices that help me stay centred, focused and fit in mind, body and soul, “says Jain. “Developing solid practices and habits will dictate how well you live your life – the quality of your interactions with others, the state of your health, and your ability to create and develop your ideas and interests.”


She branched out into Music as a hobby several years ago and naturally incorporates the themes of her teaching work into her lyrics. She was classically trained in piano in her youth and re-visited her “dusty keyboard in the closet” to write a song for her teaching work only to discover she had a natural ease and aptitude for writing music.

She feels her music and teaching work are ways of enhancing her own personal growth and love of helping others transform themselves to lead happier and more authentic and productive lives.

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