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Jain has been cyber hacked, as well as having several false social media accounts/emails etc created in her name.

Jain Wells

Jain Wells, PhD is a transpersonal therapist – which blends Western psychology with the wisdom of the world’s esoteric traditions. She has a particular interest in transformational practices that help individuals develop at the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual levels — aspects of the Whole Self. If there are any issues or set-backs that you are experiencing in your life, there are ways to shift them and consciously move forward to higher ground.

Jain’s greatest passion is the practice of Meditation — which is why the Gong has become an important part of her work. It induces a meditative state and opens both mind and body into an accelerated state of healing. Sound is also physical and has a direct impact on cellular change.

Meditation helps you quiet the busy activity of your mind (your internal dialogue) in order to rest in a state of mental stillness, and fully present with yourself in the moment. This inner stillness is our True Self — calm, peaceful and free from distraction. This increased self-awareness leads to better choices.

“Meditation practice is a skill that you learn by committing to regular practice,” Jain says. “However, once you learn how to meditate you understand that this state of ‘presence’ that you are developing is your true essence. To operate your life from this centred and aware state affects your choices and your potential for success in all areas of life.” If you are interested in healing and consciousness, the Gong is highly recommended to greatly assist on this journey.




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“I used to be quite reactive in situations with people and felt uncomfortable stating my opinions in order to avoid conflict. Through steady meditation practice I am just not that person anymore. I pay attention to how I am feeling and respond more consciously. Thank you so much Jain for your patience and caring.”   Candice Bertram 

Meditation Book - Jain Wells

My new book “Meditation: The Incredible Gateway To An Abundant Life” – Available on Amazon.

Read Chapter 8 for free here.

My new book is actually the second edition, and has undergone a major upgrade into a complete workbook and fast-track system for healing and raising consciousness. With meditation as the core practice, there are also mindfulness practices, exercises for shifting difficult emotional states and for healing deep unconscious imprints and wounds. There is also a chapter on various other methods for inducing meditative states, including the Gong. Chapter 8 is my personal story.



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